• Minor: Updated Jersey to version 1.9.1
  • Minor: Updated Lucene to version 3.4
  • Minor: Updated H2 to version 1.3.159
  • Minor: Updated Axis2 to 1.5.6
  • Normal: Fixed scaler problem with very small images 

JS Interface:

  • Minor: Fixed wrong display of alpha channel in list views, change list_compact_json template


  • Major: Fixed RAM Cache performance issue introduced in 2.0.235
  • Major: Fixed problem in swf encoder in images w/o alpha
  • Minor: Handle If-Modified-Since with uncached images


  • Minor: Fixed temporarily outdatet last modified when deleting a file via OpenAPI 
  • Minor: Fixed incomplete import when same file is uploaded twice simultaneously 


  • Minor: Windows Bundle: JRE 1.6.0_29, Tomcat 6.0.33

FSI Viewer:

  • New: FSI Viewer 5.6.5
  • New: FSI Pages mobile 1.0.9