• Minor: Updated Jersey to version 1.12
  • Minor: Minor: Updated H2 to version 1.3.164
  • Minor: Updated Lucene to version 3.5
  • Minor: Updated Axis2 modules


  • Major: Fixed calibration of “cache” sub index – introduced in 2.0.242

JS Interface:

  • Normal: Fixed JS error if Cooliris Plug-in is installed but disabled
  • Minor: Fixed small bugs


  • Security: Updated Freemarker to version 2.3.19
  • Major: Fixed cache issue with If-Modified-Since headers – introduced in 2.0.242
  • Major: Fixed headers of appinfo requests
  • Major: Fixed bug with empty Exif fields
  • Minor: Fixed problem with loading lossless stored images for anaglyph rendering
  • Minor: Enabled delivery for images even when scheduled for re-importing
  • Minor: Corrected error in details_xml-template


  • Major: Prevent SearchDatabase-rebuild from exiting when encountering an exception with a single image
  • Normal: Fixed handling with corrupt TIFF images
  • Minor: Fixed crash bug with incomplete profiles
  • Minor: Fixed fast queue ping issue
  • Minor: Added warning if server starts with OpenJDK


  • Security: Apache Tomcat 6.0.35
  • Minor: Windows Bundle: JRE 1.6.0_31

FSI Viewer:

  • New: FSI Viewer 5.6.6
  • New: FSI Pages mobile 1.1.0