Get started with FSI Server 2018

We are proud to present you the long awaited release of FSI Server 2018. The new FSI Server version was built on the basis of the latest technology and brings dynamic imaging to another level with the new and improved JavaScript viewers.

This site helps you to get started with the new version.


You can either choose to use a WAR file or the convenient installation with a docker file.

Please note: The WAR bundle requires an installation of Tomcat and Java Runtime Environment first.


To get a complete overview of the new features and improvements, you can visit our changelog.

System Requirements

Please keep the System Requirements in mind:

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Quad Core CPU or better
  • 512 MB RAM per CPU core
  • Operating System: tested with
    • Linux (x86_64)
    • Windows Server 2008, 2010, 2012 (with Apache Tomcat)
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 & 2016 (only supported with Docker)
  • Applications:
    • Oracle/Sun Java SE 8 or OpenJDK 8 (without CMYK and FPX support) – 64 Bit only
    • Java Application server Apache Tomcat 8.0 or 8.5

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Minimum Cores / Threads: 4
  • Minimum 4GB Java-VM RAM
  • Minimum 512 MB per Thread
  • Operating System: Linux 64-bit


In order to get started with the web interface, you can read our Quickstart guide. For FSI Server configuration, please visit the manual. The FSI Viewer manual contains everything you need to know about the new JavaScript viewers.

JavaScript Viewer Samples

Please look below for a comprehensive overview of our new JavaScript viewers:

Zoom & Pan

FSI Viewer supports the step-less zoom usage via mouse on desktop computers as well as touch gestures on mobile devices or touch-enabled screens on desktop computers.

360° Spin & Zoom

With  FSI Viewer 360°, you can bring interactive object spins to every device. Optional multiple axis spin and Hot Spots make your product presentation more compelling.

Responsive Resolution

With FSI TouchZoom images stay super sharp no matter with which device you look at them, even while you are pinch zooming into a website. (Please note: works only on mobile devices or touch-enabled displays)

Hover Zoom

FSI QuickZoom embeds a simple fly-out zoom or in-place zoom on desktop computers. Just move your mouse to explore details of an image.


FSI Pages will finally bring realistic page flip to mobile devices and touchscreens on desktops – by using a touch-enabled device, the user now has an interactive catalog browsing feeling, almost as if holding the publication in the hands.


The FSI ImageFlow viewer of the 2016 version has been replaced with FSI ThumbBar.  The viewer can be used to display a large number of images as a slideshow. You can choose from various looks: flat slideshow type, rounded carousel style, endless scroll or vertical scroll.

Slideshow & Viewer

FSI ThumbBar can also be combined with FSI Viewer for presenting images as FSI Showcase. With this solution, you are also able to scroll through the thumbnails in the scroll bar below. By clicking on an image, you are able to use the zoom function of FSI Viewer.


We have also implemented a complete new and powerful user account system at our website. Your account enables you to display and manage all NeptuneLabs relevant data in one instance. All your quotes and invoices are directly linked to your account, which also contains an overview of all your NeptuneLabs licences.
Furthermore, you are able to generate your licence keys directly within your account.
If you already have created an account at or in the past, you can sign in with your existing credentials. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one easily with your mail address.

We have also made licensing easier and faster. New licences are machine bound and will replace the old FQDN bound licences.

Additionally, you are now able to generate licence keys directly via the FSI Server web interface or via the new NeptuneLabs customer accounts on our website.

The Licence Request Data contains the unique LRD of your machine, which can be found in the Licence tab of your FSI Server web interface.

You can generate a 60-days trial licence right away, for a permanent licence, please contact us.

In the web interface of the FSI Server 2018, go to the Licence tab, and press the right button “Install Licence” – then you log into your user account with your mail address and then you can choose the licence you would like to install on.


If you have any questions concerning the new version or the updating process, pleas do not hesitate to contact us!