Install FSI Server with Docker

Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of an application inside a software container. The FSI Server container conveniently includes everything you need to install FSI Server, including the latest versions of Tomcat and Java Runtime Environment.

We have wrapped FSI Server in a Docker container in order to make the installation as easy and secure as possible:
You only need to download and start the Docker application, run the FSI Server container und you are good to go!

How to get Docker

Get Docker for Linux

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Get Docker for Mac

The Mac Docker interface offers a convenient way to create your containers and launches a Web Preview in an instant. For more information, go to

Get Docker for Windows

In case you are not familiar with Docker, the Docker website offers extensive information how to get started for each system.
Getting started

Get the FSI Server image

You can get the latest FSI Server image with the following command:

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How to install FSI Server on docker

You will find a description for this within the repositoy, if you require a more in-depth explanation, please go to: How to use the Docker Image