This tutorial shows you how to use the UAM Traffic Log with the Filter in order to analyze the error response codes of a certain image or folder.

Please note: The Traffic Log is only available for our hosting customers.

Traffic Log

The Traffic Log enables Hosting Customers to monitor their traffic. An introduction to the Traffic Log can be found in another tutorial:

Using Filter

With the option “Edit Filter” you are able filter the traffic log results and restrict them to certain paths. This can be used to limit the access to the log e.g. for a certain customer or if you want to analyze the error response codes for a certain connector, folder or even image.

Since the filter is a postive list filter, everything needs to be listed that you want to include.

Please note: the paths in the array need to be listed without any slashes at the beginning or end of the position.

Example if you would like to look for the logs of a certain image:

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In this case, the whole traffic log is filtered, only showing the corresponding folders.

In order to see the logs, you need to go to Browse, click on connector1, then folder1 and then you see the image 1234.jpg.

By clicking on it, you can see all logs for the requests on the images in the time frame selected in the Month dropdown. (see image below)

If you want to filter the content of a certain folder, include the folder in the list of Edit Filter.

Beside manually checking each file like described above, you can also use the drop down menu options

  • Top 400 (Bad) Requests
  • Top 404 (Not Found) Requests

to get a quick overview of false requests.